How to Become Successful in Textile Sector

How to Become Successful in Textile Sector Whether you are a textile engineer or a student of textile going to be graduated soon, you may have many confusions in your mind that from where you can start your career. The expectation of getting a job for developing career varies from… Continue reading

Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit

Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit There are lots of weaving factory in our country. So, it’s very important to know about the calculation of weaving cost calculation. So, today I am presenting a sample calculation of weaving cost and profit. Cost for following fabric construction    (128X60)/(20X16) Twill 100% cotton… Continue reading

What is Knitted Fabric

What is Knitted Fabric? Knitted Fabric: Knitted fabrics provide comfortable wear to almost any garment. For making comfortable wear we first think about knitted garments. Though it has an open structure so most of the knitted garments contour to the body’s silhouette. That’s why knitted garments are so much popular as… Continue reading

Folders in Apparel Industry

Folders in Apparel Industry A folder is an attachment to a sewing machine for bending and folding the fabric previous to sewing. It belongs to the category of work aids (Additional devices that can be added to basic sewing machines)generally used in situations where fabric must be fold prior to… Continue reading

How to Get a Merchandiser Job

How to Get a Merchandiser Job Many people ask how to Get a Merchandiser Job, to answer their question I am sharing my own experience so that you can have some idea. General thinking about getting a job as a merchandiser For getting a job in as merchandiser we must… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Spinning

Flow chart of spinning In this article, you will have details idea of a spinning process because we present all the process sequence in a visual flow chart of spinning. Input Process/ Machine Output (Lap former is needed only for combed yarn) Written by Mohammad Saifur Rahman B.Sc. Engineer of… Continue reading

How to Calculate PV Using Excel

How to Calculate PV Using Excel Sometimes students ask that how to calculate PV using excel. I have made this tutorial to show you calculation of pv using excel is very easy. All we have to do put the right value to the right place. Simple formula for calculating present… Continue reading

Different Types of Button for Clothes

Different Types of Button for Clothes Button: Buttons are one of the oldest and most widely used types of fastener. Buttons are generally consisting of a disk, ball, or dome-shaped fastener. They are generally attached to one piece of fabric and joined to another piece of fabric by being drawn through… Continue reading

Basic Types of Risk

What are the Basic Types of Risk? We know that future is uncertain, because of uncertainty; involvement of risk can be traced to our every part of life. When we talk about any investment we have to think about risk and return, higher the risk higher the rates of return… Continue reading

Traditional Dress Lungi

The Traditional Dress Lungi The Lungi is a traditional dress mainly worn by men & women in South Asia. It is commonly worn by the people around the waist in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia as a traditional dress lungi. Normally men wore this dress for… Continue reading