Fabric Consumption of a Basic Shirt

Fabric consumption of a Basic Shirt Determination of fabric consumption of any garments is not so difficult actually which problem we face during such types of calculation. we face many problem with equation during consumption calculation. Here , I am going to present for all of you simple way of… Continue reading

Flow chart of textile Processing

Flow chart of textile Processing Textile manufacturing process is consist of different types of manufacturing stages. Here presenting basic manufacturing process in a flow chart. Textile fibers : Fiber means any substance that have high length to width ratio. But textile fibre means any substance which have high length to… Continue reading

Introduction to Textiles

Introduction to Textiles In this article, you will have the overall ideas of introduction to textiles. Textile Originally the word “textile” applied only to woven fabrics. But now this word is generally applied to fiber, yarn or fabrics or products made of fibers, yarns or fabrics. The word textile originates… Continue reading

Maximize the Value of a Corporation

Maximize the Value of a Corporation A question may arise to our mind that What does it mean to maximize the value of a corporation? To understand and answer this type of question one thing is enough that, maximizing the value of a corporation indicates the value maximization of the… Continue reading