What is Pigments

What is Pigments? Pigments are such colorants which composed of particles that are insoluble in the application medium. They have no substantivity for the material since the particles are too large to penetrate into the substrate. They are generally present on the surface of the substrate. That’s why pigments are… Continue reading

Overview and Growth of Financial Industry

Overview and Growth of Financial Industry of Bangladesh The economy of Bangladesh is a mixed economy where both government and private sector control the economy by planning and mixture of market. In a broader sense we can divide our economy into several industries. Financial industry is one of the leading… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Textile A to Z

Flow Chart of Textile A to Z or Sequence of Textile A to Z Textile manufacturing industry is a large sector dealing with many process. The textile manufacturing is not a new idea. If we look back the history of textile manufacturing we can get the idea that people using… Continue reading

Classification of Dyes

Before discussing the classification of dyes lets have some idea of dyes and what can be the basic characteristics of dyes. What is Dyes A dye is such type of colorant substance which is capable of imparting it’s color to a given substance, by being soluble in the application medium… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

Wet processing is related with the manufactured gathering of fibers, filaments and for yarns. It is a process involved with the aqueous stage of pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing. Wet Processing In a broader sense wet processing is the process of inspection of grey fabric, stitching, singeing, resizing, scouring, bleaching,… Continue reading

Current Economic Condition of Bangladesh

Current Economic Condition of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a developing country with the population of 157,949,908 where economic is expanding day by day. After the independence, our economy is reformed to manage it in our own way. Now ready-made garment (RMG) sector is performing very well compared with another sector. With… Continue reading

Properties of Cotton

Physical and chemical Properties of Cotton Cotton fibre: Cotton is natural celllosic fibre.Cotton is called the king of textile fibre. Now cotton is the most used textile fibre in the world. Cotton is soft fibre that grows around the seed of the botto plant. The long cotton fibres are use… Continue reading

Classification of Textile Fiber

What is the Classification of textile fiber? Textile Fiber A textile fiber is anything that is that raw material of yarn. To be useful in textile fiber must have some properties such as strength, length, elasticity, absorbency. In this article, we will have a discussion on Classification of Textile Fiber. Fiber… Continue reading

Objects of winding

What are the objects of winding? Winding Winding is the process of transferring yarn or thread from one type of package to another to type of package. Winding is one of the most important operation in textile sector. It is mainly done in spinning mill. Rewinding is also an important… Continue reading