Gas Singeing

Description of Gas singeing As I mentioned earlier to write about gas singeing today I am going to discuss about Gas singeing method and also going to share a comparison study of Plate singeing, Roller singeing and gas singeing Gas Singeing Machine This machine consists of one or more burners… Continue reading

Classification of Textile Testing

Classification of Textile Testing and Quality Control Textile Testing & Quality control (TTQC) TTQC is an important factor in textile and garments sector. Everybody want qualitative goods. Textile testing and quality control related to each other and this ensure production and supply of good quality. Textile testing Textile testing means… Continue reading

Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry

Working Flow Chart of Textile Industry Textile industry produces textile materials. Different sectors of this industry are spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and garments. Basically the working flow chart of textile industry consists of getting a buyer order, understanding buyer requirements, brought raw material, set program, start production, processing step by… Continue reading

How to Take Share Buy Decision

How to Take Share Buy Decision Share Share is the small proportion of the capital of a company. Both private and public limited companies have share capital. But the only public limited company can issue their share in public through IPO (Initial Public Offering) to raise their share capital. Basically,… Continue reading

Classification of Singeing

Singeing Singing is a process of burn out the projecting fibre to increase smoothness and evenness of the fabric. Objective of Singeing Burning of projecting fibres from yarn/fabric surface. Fabric/Yarn surface become smooth, even and clean. Maximum Luster is produced by mercerizing. Help to create smart design by printing. Save… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Weaving

What can be the flow chart of weaving? Weaving is a process of producing fabric in which two separate sets of yarns are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. In a weaving factory basically woven fabric are made. Basically the process of making woven fabric is… Continue reading

Job Description of Financial Manager

Simple Job Description of Financial Manager Financial manager are responsible for managing financial resources of an organization. Basically those who make financial plan for effective use of the fund to ensure organizational wealth maximization are known as financial manager. The success of an organization depends on the right use of… Continue reading

An Overview of Wet Processing

An overview of wet processing Wet process must have to do for both Woven and knit fabrics. It’s a textile engineering department. It is very sensitive process done by chemicals and water. Mainly wet processing includes three processes. These are: Pretreatment Coloration Finishing Pretreatment: Pretreatment is the treatment before Coloration… Continue reading

Costing of Polo Shirt

Costing of Polo Shirt Description of product Here I am going to calculate price of a polo shirt of having following configuration: 100% cotton pique polo-shirt containing two buttons in the front placket having side band with flat-knit collar and cuff and Small embroidery on left chest. For calculating price… Continue reading