Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising is now one of the most demanding jobs for the merchandisers in European countries. With the change in choice of consumers and standard of living, people are now more conscious about fashion and visual appearance of goods and services. Person who is involved with visual merchandising is considered as visual merchandiser.

visual merchandiser

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is different from the any other traditional type of merchandising in a sense that for traditional merchandising, merchandisers actually work as a media or communicator between buyers and sellers. On behalf of seller a merchandiser deals with contacting with different current and prospective buyers located in local market and international market. But the visual merchandisers work for ensuring visualizing product or services more gorgeously to get the attention of the customer which helps to increase the sales.

visual merchandising

Basically the involvement of visual merchandising is more common in retail store where they work for the management of visual display of physical product to attract target customers.

Educational Qualifications of visual merchandiser

  • Bachelor degree from fashion designing institute with tremendous academic record.
  •  Bachelor degree of architecture with good exposure of designing
  • Student from marketing also can involve in visual merchandising but the important thing is, that person required to have knowledge about choice of customer and ability to visualize the outlook of the store and display of product which will get the attention of the customers.
  • A person do not have any academic qualification of fashion designing, apparel, architecture etc. can be a successful visual merchandiser only if he/she has real life experience and good exposure of visual merchandising. The important thing here is the experience that the person acquired through working and becomes a perfect visual merchandiser.

Qualities of a Good Visual Merchandiser

qualities of good visual merchandiser

Ability to Visualize

One of the main qualities of visual merchandisers is ability to visualize the outlook of store where product will be displayed. Before actually doing arrangement to give physical appearance of store it is required to visually how it will look like and whether this will serve our purpose or not. Also it is required to visually how the arrangement and the display of product will create a positive attitude towards the customers mind and influence the customer to actually buy the product.

perfect visual merchandising

Ability to Understand Customers Perception

The responsibility of visual merchandiser is to plan to decorate the shop in a way that will attract the customers those who come to the store and buy the product. So the important thing is understand the customer’s perception and choice then decorate and place the product in the right place in a right way. Which will helps to influence the buying behavior because the more attractive the product shows the more it will be demanded.

Good Communication Skills

Visual merchandisers sometimes assigned to arrange module of showroom for particular business which is going to participate in any kind of trader fair. To attract thousands of people it is required to make the show room attractive to the potential customers. So according to the requirement of different department, visual merchandiser needs to communicate with different people working in different departments, that why visual merchandisers have to have good communication skills.

In other sense a visual merchandiser actually communicate with customer through his/her creative arrangement of the product or services in the showroom.

Sense of Color and Design

As a visual merchandiser it is required to keep in mind the visual effect of the work because it will helps to create a positive first impression. You can use any color for decorating but using proper color can make things more gorgeous. Color of wall, color of roof, color of the floor, color of the structure everything matters. So special consideration must be given when selecting color, also for designing a product or service layout you have to consider the color combination that get the intention of the customer.

sense of color and desing of visual merchandiser

Creative Mind

A creative mind can brings innovative ideas which actually can create a huge impact in the market. Sometimes you can see that for new and unique design customers are ready to pay premium price that’s why companies always looking for creative mind so that they get the unique product through making and selling. A visual merchandiser must have the capability to think differently by using their creative mind for the company for which they are working for.

Awareness of Trends

Proper awareness of trends helps to work with the potential product. If a visual merchandiser is aware about the trend then he/she will work for ensuring the visual effect according to the market trends. On what basis customer choose their product, is it the quality or brand or any others factors. You can see that peoples are now more conscious about fashion, style, visual appearance, so merchandiser should keep in mind the current trends of the consumers demand.

Knowledge of Displaying Product

Proper knowledge of displaying a product is required to have by the visual merchandiser because, a product should have some specific qualities, features, price etc. These things must be visualized in a proper place with the product so that customer can get the idea about the product when they are observing the product.

Ability to Use Modern Technology

In every aspect of our life we are now dependent on modern technology, with the help of computer, internet we may have access of information located in web. As a visual merchandiser you can design outlet by using different AutoCAD software which help to see how design will looks like. On the other hand by using internet you can get the idea of latest trend, latest design, and latest concept of visual merchandising around the world.

use of modern technology by the visual merchandiser

These are the some of the qualities that a visual merchandiser required in his career. Although according to the product or store the concept may vary and also any other types of qualities may be required. The success of merchandiser depends on own qualities of how he/she can convince people to buy product. As merchandiser works as a mediator between buyer and seller they actually influence by using their words and attitudes. You may find many visual merchandisers working in a same company and they are devoting their effort to get the same goal of organizational success though increasing sales of product. And they are paid higher than other type of merchandiser because of their expertise.

If you want to be a good visual merchandiser then you have to understand how visual merchandising actually works and acquire knowledge about every aspects of merchandising. If you have the ability then you will definitely be successful in your merchandising of different sectors.

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