Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Now visual merchandising is a widely used tool to bring success to the retail business. Visual Merchandising is getting higher acceptance because of its ability to visualize an idea, attract the target customer through creating a visual effect on their mind which induce to buy a product from… Continue reading

Compliance Audit Checklist in Apparel Industry

Compliance Audit in Apparel Industry A compliance audit is one kind of audit which is specially designed for auditing the compliance issues related with the apparel industry. Different regulatory authorities set different type of regulatory issues. And buyers of garments ask from the company whether they are following their required compliance or not.… Continue reading

Trainee Merchandiser Job Description

Trainee Merchandiser Job Description A trainee merchandiser post is an entry-level post of a merchandiser. A trainee merchandiser will be promoted as a merchandiser and then senior merchandiser. Sometimes a trainee merchandiser is known as a junior merchandiser. The post title varies from company to company. Before recruiting a trainee merchandiser,… Continue reading

What is Merchandising

What is Merchandising? Merchandising is a process of selling goods and services. The process of merchandising starts with identifying target customers, setting a price for a particular product, do negotiation and finally deliver the product to the customer. I asked the question what is merchandising to several people who are… Continue reading

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry The sample represents bulk garments, for any type of quality check, the quality control manager chooses garments as a sample basis rather than checking of the whole amount. Sampling plays a very important role in the garments manufacturing. By approving sample, buyer approves to start… Continue reading

Garments Pattern Making Based on Fabric Shrinkage

Garments Pattern Making Based on Fabric Shrinkage A pattern is the base of garments manufacturing. The pattern set as per garments shrinkage and sewing allowance. Single or two/three sets of the pattern can be made for same garments lot. The only objective of creating a different pattern is to keep accurate… Continue reading

10 Future Challenges of Apparel Industry

Future Challenges of Apparel Industry The demand for garments is increasing day by day with the increase in world population. Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam are contributing a huge amount to the production of garments which increase their market share to the apparel industry. Textile and garments always had challenges and… Continue reading

Garments Washing Defects

Garments Washing Defects Garments washing is the process to improve hand feel, appearance and better outlook of garments. That’s why washing plays a vital role in garments manufacturing. Because of various washing defect, rejection of garments increases. We need to reduce the rate of washing defects/faults at a minimum level.… Continue reading

Effluent Treatment in Textile Industry

Effluent Treatment in Textile Industry (ETP) As a human being, we must wear clothing to hide our body, especially private parts of our body. There are no other alternatives to textile to make garments products. Every year the textile industry is producing a huge amount of effluent which is ultimately… Continue reading

Button Pull Test SOP

Button Pull Test SOP for Apparel Industry Introduction of Button Pull Test: Button pulls test is used to determine the pulling strength of any type of button and snaps used in garments. It is also used to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong ring attached snap fasteners onto garments… Continue reading