Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Hoodies Manufacturing

SMV of Hoodies Manufacturing Hoodies with Kangaroo Pocket A hoodie cloth is a jacket, sweatshirts with hood. Kangaroo pocket is open on either side usually use in hoodies. Here given all operation list sequence wise of Hoodies Manufacturing. Here hoodies total SMV is 15.99, 59 manpower required. Operation Breakdown is done… Continue reading

Supply Chain Analyst: Job Description and Skills

Supply Chain Analyst: Job Description and Skills Requirements Supply Chain Analyst: As a Supply Chain Analyst you will be responsible for analyzing and developing for ensuring the efficient flow of resources of the organization including Planning and Procurement, Materials Management and Logistics. The job responsibilities of a supply chain analyst… Continue reading

Digital Merchandising and E-commerce Merchandising

What is Digital Merchandising? We all familiar with the term “merchandising” which actually functioning for contacting prospective buyers, do price negotiation, induce to purchase offering best price and quality, take an order and finally deliver the product to meet customer satisfaction. But now there is an advancement in the process… Continue reading

Sourcing Manager Job Description

Job Description of Sourcing Manager in Apparel Industry Sourcing Manager: The person who is responsible for developing and executing the organization’s sourcing and procurement strategy to ensure better sourcing of the right product at the right time for the right price is known as a sourcing manager. Here in this article, we will… Continue reading

Pre-production (PP) Meeting Requirements and Procedure in Apparel Industry

PP Meeting Requirements and Procedure in Apparel Industry PP meeting is a very important part of Garments manufacturing process, a part of the pre-production process to be completed in the right time for smooth Garments manufacturing process. A process where buyer QC/Merchandiser are also involve in checking accuracy. Generally, PP… Continue reading

Layout, SMV and Operation Breakdown of Garments Finishing Process

Operation Breakdown of Pant (Bottom) Finishing Process After completion of the sewing process, what process remain to complete finished garments is called garments finishing the process, also a different section. Not only the sewing process, but also finishing also important and have lots of process like trimming, pressing, and quality… Continue reading

Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department

Job Responsibilities of Garments HR Compliance Department HR and Compliance is a big part to make an efficient apparel industry. Human resources compliance department deals with several rules, employees’ legal right, laws and acts to consider, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, abuse and sexual harassment, antidiscrimination laws, employee’s… Continue reading

Quality Management System in Garments Manufacturing

Quality Management System in Garments Manufacturing Garments Quality Management System (QMS) A garments manufacturing quality management system (QMS) is related to quality control and assurance system that documents (quality manual) processes (Online and offline), procedures, system, planning, responsibilities and task for achieving quality goal and policies to meet buyer requirements. … Continue reading

Commercial Department Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

Commercial Department in Apparel Industry The commercial department involves with export and import raw materials and finished garments, manage and provide necessary export and import documents for smooth export-import process in garments manufacturing. Their role is very vital, deal with merchandising and accounts department for their working procedure. Job Responsibilities… Continue reading

Compliance Checklist for Garments Industry

Social Compliance Audit Social compliance deals a company’s employee health and safety others legal right from a social perspective. To makes a compliant factory, need to follow local labor law and international social compliance requirements. Social compliance Audit related to child labor, forced labor, Health and safety, Abuse and Discrimination,… Continue reading