Difference Between Tailor and Garment

Difference between Tailor and Garment

Garment can be made in both in tailor and in garments industry. What is the basic difference of these two ways of garment manufacturing process? Here mentioning the difference between the tailor and garments.


  • In tailors, it takes 1 or 2 person to make a garment.
  • Generally garment is made for a particular person in tailor.
  • Garment is made according to the body measurement of a person.
  • In tailor no grading is done.
  • In tailor garment can be made from a machine.
  • Initial cost is relatively low.
  • Single ply of fabric is used.
  • In this way fabric wastage is high.
  • Risk of loss is least.
  • No need of pattern.
  • It takes a few hours to make a garment.


  • In garments, it takes many persons to make a garment.
  • A garment is made for many people.
  • Garment is made according to standard body measurement.
  • Grading is done in garments.
  • Generally many machines are needed for making a garment.
  • Initial cost is relatively high.
  • Multiple ply of fabric is used.
  • Fabric wastage is low.
  • Risk of loss is more.
  • Pattern must be required.
  • It takes less than one minute to make a garment.
difference between tailor and garment

Comparison picture of tailor & garments

Garments manufacturing is done with a long process in garments industry which can never be cleared in a single article. But today here I am going to present about the major sections of garments.

Different section of garments

There are mainly four sections in garments manufacturing industry. They are as follows.

  1. Sample section
  2. Cutting section
  3. Sewing section
  4. Finishing section

Sample section

The main function of this section is to make approve sample. This section is the first and important section. This section includes, “ Designing to marker making”.

Cutting section

This section includes process starting from “ Marker making” to “sorting & bundling”. The main function of this section is to cut fabric according to the marker dimension.

Sewing section

The function of this section is to make a complete garment by using all of the cutting components for a particular style of garments.

Finishing section

This section includes process from “Ironing to send to buyer”. After making sample, it should be treated by steam, iron and use in it all of the finishing accessories and ultimately make the garments attractive as per buyers approved sample.

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