Scan and Pack System in Apparel Industry

The effect of digitalization is everywhere, in apparel industry different electronic devices are used to collect information, keep records and also use these records to increase the operational efficiency. Because of operational benefit, in garments and stores you may find that people are using it and it gives them operational advantage. In this article you will know about scan and pack system in apparel industry and what are the advantages we can get. You will also see the process of scan and packing system.

Scan and Pack System in Apparel Industry

Scan and Pack System in Apparel Industry

What is Scan and Pack System?

Scan and pack system is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, tag/sticker barcode scanning uses on Garments product SKU information and customer order details to complete the scan packing requirements for retailers.

Advantages of Scan and Pack System in Garments Manufacturing

  1. Remove packing error and keep accurate pack SKU
  2. Save time and cost, increase work efficiency
  3. Auto-generating packing list
  4. Auto-generating case label
  5. Add value to the customer

Scan and Packing Process

Main Objectives for scan and pack system is to keep packing accuracy, giving the right units of shipping carton to the customer and saving time. Every Garment will be scan by barcode scanner before packing. If any garment barcode can’t read by a scanner, GMTS will put away, marking unable to pack, for example, if there a carton of 20 pcs solid SKU, after completing the scan of every pcs, GMTS to be pack immediately. After completing 20 pcs scan, the carton will be closed. After completing every carton, scanner reset to count every GMTS for the individual carton to keep accurate solid SKU. By this way, no need to count GMTS to keep the right amount of stock keeping unit in any carton. By this way, time will save.

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