Textile Calculation

Costing of Polo Shirt

Costing of Polo Shirt Description of product Here I am going to calculate price of a polo shirt of having following configuration: 100% cotton pique polo-shirt containing two buttons in the front placket having side band with flat-knit collar and cuff and Small embroidery on left chest. For calculating price of polo-shirt at first we have to calculate the fabric…
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How to Measure Fabric Weight of Big Quantity

How to measure fabric weight of big quantity To know the fabrics weight: For measuring fabric weight in large quantity we can follow following way which now I am going to present for you. Wish it will be helpful for you who are related to textile. Usually we measure GSM (Gram per square meter) by GSM cutter. We can get…
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Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit

Calculation of Weaving Cost and Profit There are lots of weaving factory in our country. So, it’s very important to know about calculation of weaving cost calculation. So, today I am presenting a sample calculation of weaving cost calculation. Cost for following fabric construction    (128X60)/(20X16) Twill 100% cotton fabric. Per yard cost for warp yarn: 45 BDT (for example)…
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